World of Mcintosh Townhouse

World of Mcintosh Townhouse

Even though design has been essential for our brand in everything we do we didn’t put our design work forward until now, or until McIntosh approached AG with the will to reinvigorate the world of Mcintosh website. World of McIntosh or The McIntosh Townhouse is an entity and brand of its own which needed to be responsive and easy for clients to envision quickly the potential and options the house offers to them; from simple audio experiences to complete buy-outs.

Led by our Artistic director Hadrien Durand-Baissas, the team quickly understood what the website needed to be about and decided to collaborate with longtime friend, DJ and interior Photographer Nadav Vee, who captured the cores of the magnificent Townhouse and gave us the visuals that will later become the spine of the website.

Few months later here we are, a new category and department is “born” in AG alongside a revived world of McIntosh website.

Take a tour of the WOM townhouse and if you need a new website, you now know where to go!