Nico Laa

Nico Laa

Parisian born producer, dj and sound engineer, Nico has been present in the underground scene for quite a few years now and is probably one of the most talented “hidden figures” of the New York/Brooklyn scene. why hidden…? For the simple reason that he has not embraced the whole image, social media and communication tools yet preferring to let his music speak for him.

Arriving in NY at a young age in 2010 he jumped right on stage playing for small parties and working his way up to bigger gigs. His love for music is undeniable and you can hear it through his different Collaborations which as a huge impact on his approach to music. He has developed different projects and thus sounds but distinct itself by the combination of minimal house music and musicians to bring that instrumental element as an addition to the machines.

Last year marked a new turn in his young career as he launched his last venture and is his most personal project to date, his label Aline Brooklyn. The Label has gained recognition through its first only vinyl release ALN001 by unknown Artist (did I say hidden?).

Since then he has released ALN002 vinyl only as well, ALN003 being close to completion should be available before the of the year. For more information visit Aline Brooklyn.