Event : Presentation

What you will find in here

Events allow us to REALLY connect with people, there’s isn’t a better way to exchange and share thoughts than face to face… Right?  In this section, you will mainly find photos and videos of our events, “Disturbed” and “We are” but you can also encounter some events we recommend or are collaborating on. Little intro to our two celebrations of humans and music.

Disturbed is our more friends and family driven party taking place every Saturday in the beautiful and mercurial Sanatorium in East Village. Nico Laa and his guests make us dance upstairs through an open format mix of disco, hip hop as for what happens under the ground he makes us shake with his trendsetting minimal house. For the rest you will need to come experience it yourself.

We Are will be our more collaborative event series, our intentions are to create something that really renew itself continuously and that on every aspect. Unlike Disturbed where the djs shine We Are will prioritize Bands, singers and vocalists of all genre.

We hope to see you soon.  For questions, say hello.